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1. What are the height/weight/age requirements for the Adventure Park?
2. What are the hours of operation of the Adventure Park?
3. How athletic do you have to be?
4. What do I have to wear; is there anything I need to bring with me?
5. Do I need to bring my own harness or rock climbing shoes?
6. Can I buy food there?
7. How does chaperoning work and what else do I need to know about supervising my kids?
8. Do I have to do Ground School again if I have been there before?
9. What happens if I need to take a break or go to the washroom?
10. Can I bring my cellphone up on the Adventure Park?
11. What happens if I fall?
12. What happens if I get hurt?
13. Can you book online?
14. What happens if I’m late?
15. How long do I get to spend on the Adventure Park?
16. Who can ride the Adventure Park swing and how does it work?
17. What is your cancellation policy?
18. What happens if there is adverse weather conditions during my scheduled booking time?
19. Do you have options for people with disabilities?
20. Where is Kinosoo Ridge located?