Tube Park

Ticket Type Regular Rate Season Pass Holder Rate
Individual $22 $16.50
Family of Five $90 $52.50
Additional Family Members (each) $11.50 N/A
Ages 2 - 4 $5.50 $5.50
Group of 10+  $15 each $15 each

Groups (10 or more people)

Please call Kinosoo Ridge to book your party, school or group at 780-594-5564.


* Riders under five years old must ride with an adult in their tube.
* Children under 12 must be supervised in the Tube Park by an Guardian.
* NO riders under two years old.
* Children five to 12 years old can ride by themselves.
* Tube chaining or linking is permitted where sliders can join up and go down a lane together - conditions permitting.
* Ski Boots or hard shell are not permitted in the Tube Park for safety reasons.
* NO sleds, toboggans or other self-owned tubes permitted in the Tube Park


* Sliders should be prepared for varying weather conditions and temperatures.
* Winter boots with good tread and appropriate clothing are recommended.
* There are staff stationed at the base of the lift, top of the lift, start of the lanes as well as in the run out lanes to provide assistance and instruction.
* Observe and obey all signs and instructions from the Tube Park and Operations staff.
* Helmets are recommended.